Hydrology Conference 2010

Hydrology Conference 2010


This major international conference, taking place in San Diego, USA,
October 11 – 13, 2010, will target the developing interdisciplinary
science themes in the interface between hydrology and other scientific
disciplines, including climate change, biology, chemistry and social
sciences. These subjects are of particular relevance as population
increases and a changing climate bring new pressures on hydrological
systems around the world.


Abstracts are invited by March 15, 2010 for oral and poster presentations
at the meeting on the following topics:
Hydrology and climate change
Hydrology, bio-geochemistry and environmental management
Hydrology, health and improved socio-economic conditions
Hydrology, history and conflicts
Hydrology: past, present and future developments
Please submit abstracts using the online submission form at

Abstract submission deadline: March 15, 2010.


The following international experts have agreed to speak at the conference:
Keynote Speaker
Frontiers in hydrology research: a global perspective
Shahbaz Khan, Chief, Sustainable Water Resources, Development and
Management Section Division of Water Sciences Natural Sciences Sector

Invited Speakers
Linking hydrology to socio-environmental features
V Ratna Reddy, Institute for Sustainable Livelihoods, Hyderabad, India

Sustainable water resources management: water for agriculture vs. water
for ecosystems
Wolfang Kinzelbach, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland

Conflicts over water resources between economic actors in mountain regions
vulnerable to climatic change: emerging results from the EU-ACQWA project
Martin Beniston, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Remote sensing advances and impacts to hydrologic science (past, present
and future)
Dara Entekhabi, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

Water management in an era of climatic and demand changes
Aris Georgakakos, Georgia Tech, USA

Advances in surface and subsurface hydrology
Rafael Bras, University of California, Irvine, USA

Paleohydrology in present deserts
Ronald Amundson, University of California, Berkley, USA

Dendrochronology and links to stream flow
David Meko, University of Arizona, USA

Hydrologic hazards: The scales and social response of floods
Marco Borga, University of Padova, Italy

For the latest information and updates on the speaker line-up and program,
sign up for regular email alerts at www.hydrologyconference.com


The meeting is a satellite event, immediately prior to the Society for
Neuroscience Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, USA.
The conference will take place at the Westin San Diego, November 7 – 9,
2010. Rooms have been reserved for delegates at a special group rate.

For more information and to sign up for regular email alerts, visit


Geoff Syme, Edith Cowan University, Australia (chair)
Andras Bárdossy, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Philippe Baveye, University of Abertay Dundee, UK
Laurent Charlet, University of Grenoble I/CNRS, France
Kosta Georgakakos, Hydrologic Research Center, San Diego, USA

The Hydrology Conference 2010 is organized by Elsevier and is supported by
UNESCO and Elsevier’s Journal of Hydrology. .

Conference Secretariat:
Claire Norris
Hydrology Conference 2010 Secretariat
Tel: +44 (0) 118 971 3710
Email: hydrologyconference@elsevier.com

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